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Google LLC  |  1 more applications - May 6, 2019
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Google may have started out as a search engine, but today they are definitely one of the most influential companies on the Internet in charge of Gmail, YouTube, Google search, etc. Google Earth is also one of their most complex projects ever, and it is a representation of Earth based on satellite imagery.

Google Earth is a composition of satellite images, aerial photography and 360-degree photos taken from the streets, which represents almost every corner on Earth. It has made its way onto the Android app and we must say we are amazed.

The app's simplicity is what we really enjoyed. The first thing you see is a far out image of Earth which you can rotate freely. Zooming in cases the app to load more data including landmarks, names of countries and cities, and finally, satellite views of cities or any other part of the Earth.

Tapping the top button from the lower left side of the screen takes you into the Street View mode where you can click a location highlighted in blue in order to view it in 360-degree mode. You can also switch between 2D and 3D view of the map and you can click the compass icon in order to have the view facing north.

The Voyager feature takes you on a tour around the Earth where you can discover amazing locations easily, such as national parks or famous movie locations. The dice button takes you to a random location on the Earth.

Another useful feature is the ruler which can be used to calculate the distance between locations anywhere on Earth. You can use multiple dots if you need to calculate the distance you travel in a car or on foot.

Flight animations are quite cool and they occur after you search for a location. They take you there slowly in a cool fashion. The app is definitely cool and it serves its primary function without any unnecessary features or buttons.

• Very easy to use
• It's informative and it can be used to discover amazing locations
• Street View now covers more than ever
• The Ruler button is useful to calculate aerial distance between any two points on the map
• Voyager is a great way to discover more of Earth
• Nothing we could see


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• Android 4.1+

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